Thermal Imaging


Property Inspection Service, Inc. supplemental thermal imaging service is a forensic non-invasive type technology that allows properly trained people, survey emitting energy out of normally expected component symmetry; that cannot be sensory discovered during a standard visual inspection.

Proper use of the camera technology, detector resolution can produce temperature photo image signatures. Anomalies (unusual conditions) can be observed and practical conclusions can be advised.

A picture is worth a thousand words; infrared thermal imaging can be a better set of eyes; converting invisible energy into a useful technique assessing a condition.  Thermal building surveys provide a professional home inspector or forensic expert the ability to appraise beyond what is normally visible.

Every thermal action flows from our thermal imaging inspection vision.

Our Vision:

At Hilton Head Thermal Imaging, our vision is about meeting clients’ needs and making the thermal survey experience an easier, healthier relationship, recounting the practical and affordable. The scope of our work can be as broad or specific as a prospect requires.

What we do:

As a fifteen year (5,000 + home inspections) low country forensic moisture expert we tackle individual challenge(s) which requires a complete identification and understanding of a usual or an unusual condition. Everything affects everything.

Dwellings are designed containing several components and systems. These coordinating items create useful artificial habitats, and apply building science principals to the built environment. A thermal image inspection can help provide meaningful data to help uncover current problems, assist with solutions, and discover ways of preventing future issues with your home or commercial property.

Observing sensory property condition(s) at the time of the inspection(s) reflected as a delivered objective detail report. (Each condition standing on its own merit and all parts equal the whole diagnoses)

The report can include assistance for solving identified issues and / or development of a sensibly staged remedial action plan (if required). Property Inspection Service, Inc. has no vested interest in conduction or performing any remedial work. Property Inspection Service, Inc. can act as an authenticate third party independent / non- biased inspector, working for the client.